Estera Golde-Stróżecka

Estera Golde-Stróżecka

Estera Golde-Stróżecka – freethinker, activist for women’s rights, journalist, political and cultural-educational activist, doctor, was born on August 1, 1872 in Płock, as the daughter of Beniamin and Liba Ruchla nee Goldsztejn. Her father was a well-known merchant, industrialist and philanthrope. After graduating from the Provincial Junior High School in 1888, she left for Geneva and Paris, where she studied natural sciences and medicine. During this period she was associated with the Polish Socialist Party (PPS). She was a co-founder of the Paris section of the Foreign Union of Polish Socialists, she cooperated with “Przedświt”, “Robotnik” and “Gazeta Robotnicza” magazines. In the summer of 1896 she completed medical studies with a pediatric specialty. She returned to her hometown, where she practiced for a short time at the Isaak Fogel Hospital at Misjonarska Street. She then left for Warsaw, where she took a job in a pediatric hospital at Śliska Street. At the same time, she managed the Warsaw organization of the PPS. She was arrested and imprisoned many times for her activities. In 1906, she married Jan Stróżecki (1869-1918) – a socialist and independence activist. After the wedding, she settled in Paris. She operated in the Paris section of the PPS-Lewica, belonged to the Adam Mickiewicz People’s University, organized help for Polish political prisoners in Russia as part of the Red Cross Society. At the same time, she ran a pediatric and gynecological practice. After Poland regained independence, she did not cease her social and political activities, which became even more radical. In the last years of her life she was the editor of “Dziennik Ludowy”. In her articles, she defended the rights of children and youth, the elderly, matters of the Polish language and education, and Polish heritage in exile. She struggled with a heart disease. She died on September 2, 1938.


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