The initiative is a project implemented as part of the unpaid public benefit activity of the Nobiscum Foundation. The aim of the project, born of passion and our long-term interests, is to gather knowledge about the Jewish community of Płock and, in a longer time perspective, the region and making it easily available to people of Płock and anyone interested. On our website you will find information on history, monuments, curiosities and little-known historical facts, photographs, documents, and virtual exhibitions. We encourage you to share family stories, photos and souvenirs with us, so that together we can build the largest page dedicated to the Jewish community of Płock, which for over 700 years co-created the history of our beautiful city.

The logo of initiative is the stamp of the Kehillah of the Capital Town of Płock Department from 1815, found during genealogical research we conducted last year (source: State Archive in Płock, the civil registry records of the Płock Jewish religious community, signature no. 23)


Editor of the website: Gabriela Nowak-Dąbrowska

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