We received the “Preserving Memory” award

We received the “Preserving Memory” award

On Sunday, 2 July, at the Galicia Jewish Museum, we took part in a ceremony during which we were honored with the “Preserving Memory” award for our contribution to saving and commemorating Jewish heritage in Poland. We feel honored and touched that we are now among people presented with this important award!

During this year’s 26th ceremony, the awards were presented to: Dominik Szulc (Kraśnik), Izabela Sekulska (Mielec/Tarnów), Marian Lackowski (Chełm), Agnieszka Kostuch and Katarzyna Sudaj (Trzemeszno), Wojciech Głowacz (Czarny Dunajec), Narcyz Listkowski (Rabka Zdrój), Karolina Panz (Nowy Targ), Jerzy Tracz (Lubartów), Ewa Paul (Bełchatów) and us.

The “Preserving Memory” diploma is awarded annually to Poles involved in preserving the Polish-Jewish heritage and fostering Polish-Jewish dialogue.

The “Preserving Memory” program was initiated in 1998 by the American lawyer Michael H. Traison.

The photo comes from the website of the Galicia Jewish Museum.