The Medical Society of Płock

The Medical Society of Płock

The Jews of Płock, apart from creating their own social organizations, took an active part in the activities of many others operating in the town. An example may be the Medical Society of Płock, where doctors of Jewish origin were involved, many of whom were professionally associated with the Izaak Fogel Jewish Hospital.

The second from the left is Dr. Jakub Winogron (born 1888) – a doctor of internal medicine, who was responsible for medical care in primary schools together with school counseling centers to fight social diseases at school age. His tasks included, among others observing hygienic conditions in school premises, supervising the health of students and teachers, periodic tests of children, directing the poorest children to free health centers and outpatient clinics, facilitating trips to summer camps. He also provided outpatient assistance in the municipal clinic at the St. Trinity Hospital.

The fourth from the left – Dr. Chaskiel aka Jerzy Bresler (born 1890) was also a doctor of internal medicine. He studied in Berlin, then in Warsaw. Professionally, he was associated with the Izaak Fogel Jewish Hospital.

Next to him is Dr. Antoni Surzec (born 1886), who conducted medical practice in the field of gynecology and obstetrics in the interwar Płock. He was recognized as an outstanding practitioner.

The third from the right is Dr. Hersz Kadysz (born 1891) – a doctor and social activist involved in projects for the health of poor children in Płock.

The first on the right is Dr. Ignacy Feinberg (born 1867) – a doctor of internal medicine, director of the Izaak Fogel Jewish Hospital in Płock.

In the photo: members of the Medical Society of Płock (the photo taken by Wacław Rydel comes from the collection of the Płock Scientific Society).