Rudolf Oberfeld

Rudolf Oberfeld

Rudold (Chaim Rubin) Oberfeld was born on November 14, 1859, as the son of Jakow and Ruchla née Nejmark. His wife was Franciszka née Bernsztejn. Oberfeld was a graduate of the Governorate Junior High School in Płock and legal studies at the University of Warsaw. After graduation, he worked in Płock as an attorney (his office was located in a classicist tenement house at the intersection of Tumska St. and Plac Narutowicza). He was considered an outstanding civil lawyer. He was actively involved in the social and political life of the town. He was a town councilor, an official and member of the poviat authorities. From 1897, he was a member of the Credit Society Committee of the town of Płock. He also belonged to the Płock Scientific Society and the Płock Rowing Society. He was one of the builders of the Polish Middle School building (later “Jagiellonka”). He died on October 13, 1933 in Płock. He was buried at the local Jewish cemetery.


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