Genealogical research

Genealogical research

The past preserved in memory becomes part of the present – Tadeusz Kotarbiński

Genealogy is one of the auxiliary sciences of history that studies family ties between people on the basis of affinity. The subject of its interest are in particular selected families and families, their origin, history and mutual family relationships and the history of individual family members. Genealogical research is a fascinating journey into the past.

For all those, who want to discover their roots and history of their ancestors, and do not have the opportunity to conduct their own genealogical research, the Nobiscum Foundation offers help in conducting such research. We will help you to find out who your ancestors were, where they lived and what they did in their lives. We will help you create a graphic representation of your family tree. We also help in translating documents (from Russian to Polish and English). We specialize in reconstructing the history of Jewish families associated with Płock and the surrounding areas (Wyszogród, Bodzanów, Sierpc, Raciąż, Bielsk, Drobin). We conduct genealogical queries in the resources of the State Archive in Płock, we also offer genealogical research of families coming from other places in the area of ​​the former Congress Kingdom.

The basic source of genealogical research we carry out are civil registry files, registers, court and notarial files, files regarding property ownership. This is sometimes tedious detective work that brings considerable satisfaction. The duration of genealogical queries depends on the number of applications.

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